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Pa de Sant Jordi

For each of the three doughs, put the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the middle and there put the rest of the dough ingredients.
Paste each dough: it is important to do it hard.
Let stand for 25 minutes with a cloth covered on top.
Strech the cheese and sobrasada doughs and leave them with the appropiate thickness. Then cut 5 yellow and 4 red strips.
Take a rectangular tray and add oil and then flour. Strech the walnut dough so that it's similar in thickness to the entire tray.
On top of the nut dough put he strips forming the flag. Make sure everything is inside the mold.
Leave it to rise again and resting until double the volumen.
Set the oven at about 200°C and once hot, putt he tray. The time to be inside depends on each oven. Try 30 minutes and control.

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