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Barcelona Shopping City

Barcelona is the perfect place to stroll and do some shopping while you make the most of the great climate all year round. You can choose from an extensive range of shops that are part of the city's unique and distinctive identity, as you wander through its beautiful, historic neighbourhoods and admire their architecture. Shops steeped in the Mediterranean spirit offering friendly, professional service that will guarantee your shopping experience is unique!

  • Barcelona Shopping Line


    Barcelona Shopping Line

    One of Europe's largest retail areas situated among architectural landmarks that make it unbeatable and exclusive. Enjoy wandering and shopping in this amazing retail showcase that is open to everyone.

  • Unique shops


    Unique shops

    Enjoy the most authentic side of Barcelona through its iconic shops that offer you a unique experience: local produce, hand-crafted items and designers with their own distinct identity, centennial establishments, gourmet foods, sustainable fashions… Quite a discovery!

  • Shops, Shopping Centers and Department Stores. Barcelona Shopping City


    Shops, Shopping Centers and Department Stores

    The cosmopolitan side of Barcelona is also reflected in its wide range of shops selling leading international brands that coexist alongside unique local shops. You'll also find shopping centres and department stores with leisure attractions and food outlets.

  • Retail areas


    Retail areas

    An antiques market with a cutting-edge design, an avenue linking two modernista landmarks, a traditional street and an area dedicated to the LGTBIQ+ community. You'll find all these and much more in Barcelona's retail areas where you can discover the city and do your shopping.

  • Markets in Barcelona. Barcelona Shopping City



    If you're a treasure hunter at heart. If you like eating fresh, organic, locally sourced produce, from farm to table. If you're into design and hand-made items or have a collector's spirit. You'll find these and many more at Barcelona's markets. Discover them all!

  • Sales. Barcelona Shopping City


    Shops opening hours and Tax Free

    In Barcelona, the shops open until late and the ones in the centre of town don't close at lunchtime. In the most popular tourist areas, they stay open on Sundays and public holidays. And, by the way, Barcelona offers a VAT refund service so you can enjoy the city's retail offer even more!

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