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Barcelona is a city of knowledge and innovation, of scientific research and technological entrepreneurship. The city, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean, has set the benchmark for the health sciences and medicine since medieval times. Barcelona's long history is closely linked to scientific knowledge, technological breakthroughs, innovations and inventions, and the city is currently the most important centre for technological research and development in southern Europe.

Discover the Barcelona of sustainable tourism, as you visit the iconic buildings that are the standard-bearers of energy efficiency. Experiment with and develop your mind skills by interacting with the city's natural science museums. Be inspired by these activities that will connect you to the Barcelona of science, technology and innovation.

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  • 1. Science trails

    These self-guided walking tours, or on public transport, will allow you to explore our pick of science trails that will reveal the Barcelona of science, technology and innovation. Eight trails that will give you an insight into places that have been, and remain important in the field of science. From the foremost female scientists who have played a key role in the city's history to the state-of-the-art buildings in the 22@ district.

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  • 2. What's on: Barcelona and science

    Activities related to science, technology and innovation that you can enjoy today in Barcelona. Our what's on pages feature lots of things to do to suit all ages and tastes. Immersive audiovisual activities, museums and science exhibitions, cutting-edge festivals, and so much more besides. Don't miss out on anything Barcelona has to offer. It's a city with endless things to do.

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  • 3. Science and technology: points of interest and landmarks

    Here's a selection of points of interest and landmarks that have one common denominator: the dissemination of science, technology and innovation. Science museums, Spain's most powerful supercomputer and an 18th-century anatomical theatre are just some of our picks. Visit these places and have fun learning how science and technology make life easier for us.

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