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  • Chargrilled vegetable salad

  • Chargrilled vegetable salad

Chargrill the peppers and aubergines on a barbecue until soft and tender. The peppers should be placed on the hottest part of the grill for less time, and the aubergines on the coolest part for longer.
Wrap the onions and potatoes in foil and bury them in the embers.
Check if the vegetables are cooked by pressing them with your fingers.
Once the peppers and aubergines are cooked place them in a dish and cover to keep them moist and make them easier to peel.
Peel the ingredients and place in a dish. Dress with olive oil and season with pepper.

You can also use chargrilled tomato.
You can also add olives, chopped garlic and parsley.
You can put anchovies in oil on the top.
The ingredients can be oven-roasted instead of grilled over wood or charcoal.

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