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Religious Cultural Heritage

Barcelona showcases an important religious heritage that explains the city's history and past. A cultural melting pot that has been enriched by the presence of different cultures and beliefs. A wonderful architectural heritage made up of cathedrals, churches and monasteries, which are complemented by millennia-old traditions, popular festivals, food, music and world-class art collections, as well as a religious film festival. A dynamic Barcelona that welcomes new spiritualities without renouncing its past.

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Church of atonement on Tibidabo. Barcelona's Architectural Heritage


    Barcelona's Architectural Heritage

    Barcelona is the best book you can read to delve into the history of art. A compendium of cathedrals, churches and monasteries that give us a better understanding of Romanesque and Gothic styles, as well as Catalonia's home-grown art nouveau movement, modernisme.

  • Monastery of Sant Cugat. Architectural Heritage near Barcelona


    Architectural Heritage near Barcelona

    Let yourself be captivated by some of the most distinctive buildings and representative examples of Catalonia's cultural heritage. A series of churches, monasteries and basilicas in unique settings where you can enjoy art and nature.

  • Museu Episcopal de Vic. Religious museums


    Religious museums

    Come and discover the most amazing artistic treasures of the last centuries: the fruits of the imagination of artists and workshops who turned to faith as a source of inspiration.

  • Churches viewing points


    Churches viewing points

    Enjoy a unique experience: touch the sky and take in some stunning views. Viewing points tucked away on the rooftops and inside the bell towers of Barcelona's churches. Architectural heritage for the most inquiring spirits.

  • Traditions



    One of the best ways to understand a city is to discover and join in its traditions. They are part of an intangible heritage that has been marked on the Christian calendar since time immemorial. Get ready to enjoy their colours, aromas and flavours.

  • Worship and Religion. Masses in different languages


    Worship and Religion. Masses in different languages

    Barcelona is an open, multicultural city where different beliefs are practised and respected. A broad spectrum of associations enrich the city's religious fabric with the celebration of masses and other services in different venues and languages.

  • Music in churches


    Music in churches

    Barcelona and music. A perfect combination you can enjoy in peaceful surroundings. The city's religious architectural landmarks open their doors to bring you a programme of concerts that will amaze you.

  • Church of Sant Jaume. Pilgrimages



    Barcelona has been a stop-off point on spiritual routes and pilgrimages for centuries. An experience open to everyone, where traditions, spirituality, art and nature coexist in perfect harmony. Because walking is much more than putting one foot in front of the other.

  • Products and experiences


    Products and experiences

    Religious heritage is also about music, food and guided tours that nourish the spirit. Explore centuries-old churches and monasteries, discover the mysteries of the Jewish Quarter, El Call, and wander through natural spaces that are havens of peace.

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