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Barcelona, a city with a beer culture

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Barcelona's relationship with beer dates back thousands of years to the Neolithic era. The archaeological remains found not far from the city – which provided some of the earliest evidence of brewing beer in Europe – bear this out. During the time of the Iberians, cereals were one of their staple foodstuffs and, as a result, beer was part of their everyday diet. With the arrival of the Romans, wine replaced beer, which lost its prominence for several centuries.

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However, in the 19th century, the city underwent a true brewing boom as a result of the beer-making know-how brought in by a group of European exiles. Two of the city's biggest brewing brands – Damm and Moritz – were born during this period and a number of craft breweries sprung up in the city center. Today, the beverage is firmly rooted in the city's gastronomic culture, to such an extent that Barcelona is now known around the world for the quality of its beer.

Grain, most commonly malted barley, is the main ingredient in beer, although it can also be made from other cereals. The malting process makes the grain germinate and the process is then halted by drying and roasting the grain before fermentation begins. From this point on, the brewers can give free rein to their creativity, and many other ingredients can be added to give the beer aroma and flavour.

The world's great beer styles, such as IPA, lager, stout, tripel and amber, are defined by their organoleptic, historical and cultural characteristics. There are different styles of beer – German, Belgian, English and American – associated with their country of origin. We invite you to discover and try the city's wealth of beer and food!

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