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Sustainable Barcelona

  • Orchard of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes

The planet can't wait, and for many years now Barcelona has been committed to sustainability and the environment. There are countless activities available to be enjoyed in a way that respects the environment and local traditions. Discover our rich cultural offering and varied gastronomy based on the Mediterranean Diet and fresh, local, seasonal produce, and a lifestyle that puts an emphasis on the quality of life of its citizens.

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  • Biosphere Responsible Tourism destination


    Biosphere Responsible Tourism destination

    Thousands of trees, dozens of parks and gardens, the Mediterranean Sea, an efficient public transport system with a low environmental impact, and a cultural, commercial, hotel and restaurant offering that is committed to respecting the environment all make Barcelona a truly sustainable destination.

  • Responsible tourism guidelines


    Responsible tourism guidelines

    Sustainability is one of the watchwords of Barcelona. We must be aware that sustainability is not an option but a commitment, no matter if you are at home or travelling. Small daily actions are also important. Therefore, we encourage you to follow the recommendations of this guideline for a responsible visit to Barcelona.

  • Moving around Barcelona in a sustainable way


    Moving around Barcelona in a sustainable way

    Have you come to discover Barcelona? Then do it on foot! Pedestrians enjoy priority in the city, and more and more spaces have been reclaimed for walking. In addition to walking, you can make use of public transport or bicycles, which offer a safe, fast and sustainable way to visit Barcelona.

  • Green Barcelona


    Green Barcelona

    Nature is also a key element of the city. Parks and gardens are our urban green spaces, and allow you to switch off, breathe in some fresh air, and recharge your batteries. In these outdoor spaces you can play sports, get together with friends, and enjoy family time. In these small oases of vegetation, water and wildlife you can forget the stresses and strains of everyday life and let your soul be soothed by the tranquility.

  • Blue Barcelona


    Blue Barcelona

    There is a blue Barcelona too, very, very blue, and it has always been there. The bond between Barcelona and the sea goes back to even before Roman Barcino. The city has lived from the sea and for the sea, and throughout its history it has been a conduit for meeting and sharing cultures. Today, quite naturally, Barcelona is a city open to the sea.

  • Local commerce


    Local commerce

    In a globalized, over-replicated world, it is a joy to find that Barcelona still offers an outdoor showcase of emblematic stores and time-honored establishments that maintain all the genuine character of the city. Many of them offer local, artisan, products, unique designs, and sustainable fashions.

  • Eat a healthy diet


    Eat a healthy diet

    Barcelona is one of the world's culinary hotspots. Tradition and innovation come together at the city's great choice of eateries that serve environmentally responsible, healthy food. Dishes made with locally sourced, zero carbon produce, organic ingredients, vegetarian dishes… find the Barcelona restaurants where eating is also an eco-friendly choice.

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