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Top Experiences

25 experiences or ways to get to know Barcelona! The city and province of Barcelona welcome you with a thousand and one options to enjoy your stay.

  • Falling in love with Gaudí


    Falling in love with Gaudí

    Feel in tune with nature and experience its sheer beauty. You're in the place that is home to the masterpieces by one of the world’s most brilliant architects. Gaudí will inspire you with his colours, textures and organic shapes.

  • Getting close to Picasso


    Getting close to Picasso

    Barcelona had a strong influence on Picasso. Step inside his ground-breaking world, and follow in the footsteps of one of the key artists of the 20th century.

  • Getting down to the music


    Getting down to the music

    Enjoy open-air concerts in the parks and magical venues of our towns and cities: intense moments you’ll want to last forever and that will get you moving!

  • Tasting the Catalan gastronomy


    Tasting the Catalan gastronomy

    The land gives a unique flavour to every wine and product. Discover irresistible flavours at the markets, fairs and restaurants. Surprise yourself!

  • Exploring the coast


    Exploring the coast

    Feel the Mediterranean breezes closer than ever! There are 100 km of coastline where you can enjoy a wonderful swim in natural surroundings and stay on to have lunch or dinner.

  • Treating myself to a special gift from a shop


    Treating myself to a special gift from a shop

    Take a unique memento home with you! A memento that encapsulates the spirit of Barcelona and the love and dedication of the shopkeepers, designers and producers from our unique shops, outlet stores, fairs and markets.

  • Admiring our home-grown art nouveau, modernisme


    Admiring our home-grown art nouveau, modernisme

    Discover the gems of industrial modernista architecture and travel back in time while you imagine what everyday life was like in the beautiful mansions: you’ll see the splendour and magic of nature.

  • Breathing in fresh air


    Breathing in fresh air

    Close your eyes and immerse yourself in natural scenery that will fill you with energy and vitality. There are twelve natural parks where you can enjoy the best our region has to offer: go walking, do some sport and be inspired!

  • Sharing moments with the family


    Sharing moments with the family

    Discover all the family activities Barcelona has to offer. We’ll make sure you enjoy days full of experiences with the people you love the most.

  • Enjoying sport


    Enjoying sport

    Enjoy your favourite sport in the heart of nature or join in the city's marathon. Show the best of yourself in Barcelona!

  • Learning at museums


    Learning at museums

    During the school holidays, museums are a great way to educate the kids. Barcelona has a wide variety to satisfy their curiosity.

  • Celebrating popular festivals


    Celebrating popular festivals

    Taking part in local festivals is a fantastic way of discovering a region and its people. We invite you to immerse yourself in some of our most iconic traditions!

  • Discovering the talent of the 22@ district


    Discovering the talent of the 22@ district

    Explore the area that is home to the city’s most creative enterprises. Architecture, innovation and talent brought together in a dynamic, vibrant area with a true passion for design.

  • Imagining historic Barcelona


    Imagining historic Barcelona

    Barcelona has a history spanning more than 2,000 years: imagine all the people who have lived here and listen to the stories the walls have to tell.

  • Enjoying views of Barcelona from Tibidabo


    Enjoying views of Barcelona from Tibidabo

    Escape from the city and discover something new in the magical setting of Tibidabo. Look at the sea, the Eixample district, historic buildings… and fall in love with Barcelona.

  • Marvelling at Montjuïc


    Marvelling at Montjuïc

    Montjuïc is full of surprises: nature, culture, sport, entertainments, walking trails and fresh air. Come along and discover its museums, parks, viewing points and gardens.

  • Admiring Catalan Gothic art and architecture


    Admiring Catalan Gothic art and architecture

    Marvel at Pedralbes Monastery and Barcelona's stunning gems of Catalan Gothic architecture. Let yourself be transported by the stories contained within the millennia-old walls.

  • Breathing in the air of the Pyrenees


    Breathing in the air of the Pyrenees

    Get an oxygen boost, view the scenery and prepare to unwind and enjoy the amazing food in the mountain villages. Explore the Pyrenees in full!

  • Walking through charming villages


    Walking through charming villages

    Discover the beautiful hamlets with a special charm of their own. Look around you! And stop off for lunch. It’s the perfect plan!

  • Enjoying small towns


    Enjoying small towns

    Do you like the magic of smaller towns? Well, you’ll love the historic centres of the towns near Barcelona where life has a slower and appealing pace.

  • Enjoying natural surroundings


    Enjoying natural surroundings

    Travel through the counties and create your own bespoke trail that includes the things you like the best: a natural setting that will raise your spirits. You're sure to come back for more!

  • Exploring 2,000 years of history


    Exploring 2,000 years of history

    Fall in love with the architecture that tells you where we come from. Take a trip back in time to relive what Barcelona was like at different points in its history.

  • Climbing up to Montserrat


    Climbing up to Montserrat

    Mount Montserrat and its monastery are waiting for you with their spectacular views. A unique, natural setting where you can combine culture, nature and sport!

  • Feeling the thrill of motor sports


    Feeling the thrill of motor sports

    When you hear the engines roar you'll get the ultimate adrenaline rush. The Circuit de Catalunya is your temple to motor sports. Find out about all the activities you can enjoy!

  • Sampling wine tourism


    Sampling wine tourism

    Imagine yourself among the vines, tasting, sampling and sharing. Learn why the wine and cava you’re going to try has the flavour of the landscape.

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