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The pleasure of eating and drinking is an integral part of the history and culture of Catalonia and Barcelona. It is easily understood if we bear in mind the matchless Mediterranean setting, the diversity of the produce and the influences they have received throughout history. But beyond the mere pleasures of the palate, we would like to offer a series of activities that make the eating and drinking experience even more sublime. Our tastings, workshops, walks, complementary cultural activities and surprises that you'll remember forever, will help you find the most complete way to enjoy our food, wine and beer culture.

  • Wine tourism experiences


    Wine tourism experiences

    Be amazed at the beauty of the vineyards with their breathtaking views of the sea or nestling among valleys and mountains. Discover the relics of ancient cultures, surprise your palate with different flavours, learn about the different bouquets and the art of making a fine cava you won't find anywhere else in the world. Enjoy everything Barcelona and its environs have to offer with wine as the linking thread of Catalan history, food and traditions.

  • Antiga Fàbrica Damm Barcelona


    Beer experiences

    Barcelona has fifteen small craft breweries dotted around the city. Most of them give you the opportunity to sample the different varieties of beer they produce and even run guided tours to learn about the brewing process. Furthermore, restaurants dedicated to beer culture offer various pairing options, while breweries and specialized stores run workshops and tastings of all kinds of beers to further your knowledge and introduce you to new flavours and aromas.

  • Gastronomic experiences


    Gastronomic experiences

    It's always a good time to learn so why not make the most of your visit to Barcelona to find out a little more about its food in a practical way? Find time to do a short cookery course and learn how to make some of the most popular local dishes with useful tips and tricks from the chef that you can recreate back home.

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