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Barcelona was fitter then ever for the 1992 Olympic Games. And it's still in peak condition. This can be seen in the international competitions which attract thousands of people every year and the many facilities for golf, swimming, cycling and all kinds of sport.

  • Barcelona like never before


    Barcelona like never before

    Experience Barcelona. Stroll calmly around and gaze at the blue sky. Breathe, lie on the beach, listen to the people and you'll feel #BarcelonaLikeNeverBefore

  • Sport museums


    Sport museums

    Become an athlete, sports doctor or trainer. The city's sport museums offer an experience you weren't expecting.

  • Landmark sights


    Landmark sights

    Barcelona has many memorable sporting venues which are steeped in Barcelona's sporting history. Relive a world of thrills when you visit them.

  • Play sport at your leisure


    Play sport at your leisure

    Barcelona, a city for sports. On two or four wheels; with a stick, racquet or club, on horseback, in the water… whatever your sport, you'll find the right venue to suit you in this directory.

  • Sports calendar


    Sports calendar

    Discover the sporting competitions taking place in Barcelona this year.

  • Live sport


    Live sport

    Live sport is always a fascinating spectacle. Nearly every weekend, Barcelona, and its surrounding areas host thrilling competitions, matches and championships. Choose the sport you like best and enjoy a ringside seat!

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