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    Barcelona Accessible

    Barcelona is working to achieve accessibility for disabled people with one main objective: to create a cohesive city which will favour quality of life and respect for diversity. Between us all, we build a better Barcelona, in search of freedom, autonomy and facilities so that the most characteristic places and public transport are accessible and the city can be enjoyed by disabled people.

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    • Accessible Barcelona website


      Accessible Barcelona website
      Museums adapted for the blind and partially sighted, hotels without barriers, accessible beaches and sign-language tours... are some of the options available. Whether you’re a visitor or looking for accessible ways to discover your city, you’ve come to the right place. We invite you to navigate our wide choice of suggestions!
      See the Accessible Barcelona website.

    • Catalonia, tourism for everyone

      Catalonia, tourism for everyone
      This website features a selection of 19 destinations around Catalonia which have a comprehensive range of accessible tourist resources for disabled people so that everyone can enjoy their museums, beaches, parks, transport, gastronomy and a wide variety of accessible activities.
      For further information.

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