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Catalan cuisine

If we're talking about gastronomy in Barcelona, we can't fail to mention Catalan cuisine. Catalonia is a gastronomic paradise, where Catalan cuisine is a mouthwatering blend of heritage, produce, terroir, tradition, creativity, innovation… All of these things, together with an endless love of fine-dining culture, make discovering it with your palate a truly appealing option.

Catalonia's gastronomic heritage can be traced back to medieval times and is still based on the value of produce and terroir stemming from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients that reflect the vast wealth of the Catalan landscape: the sea, the mountains, vegetable gardens, orchards and woodland… This tradition has given rise to such popular recipes as escudella i carn d'olla, a type of pot au feu, and a chargrilled vegetable salad known as escalivada, to name just two of the typical dishes that bring the wealth of our produce to your plate. Produce brought in daily to all the city's food markets and a key ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet, which was awarded Intangible Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO in 2010. And, in addition to the exquisite and varied traditional historic recipes, we have to add the creative signature cuisine that has put many of our restaurants at the forefront of cuisine around the world.

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