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Parc del Laberint

There is no doubt that this park is the green jewel of the Horta and Guinardó district. It was designed in 1792 by the Italian engineer Domenico Bagutti, as an initiative of the owner of the estate Joan Desvalls, the Marquis of Llupià and Alfarràs.

This is Barcelona's oldest garden and a matchless example of artistic gardening, which reached its apogee when the marquis's descendants extended the grounds under the supervision of the architect Elies Rogent, with the addition of a romantic garden with flower beds, small squares, tall trees and a waterfall. A wooded landmark with 55 hectares, 9 of them of partially landscaped gardens laid out according to the widespread taste for neo-classical gardens at the time, although the park's woodland setting give it that romantic touch. The grounds are full of hidden corners to be discovered, some of them decorated with sculptures of mythological figures.

The park is home to listed species, including a linden tree and a Himalayan cedar, which are included in the Catalogue of Trees of Local Interest, as well as a Jupiter tree, a camelia plantation, evergreen oaks and a sequoia. There is a romantic canal, which was originally navigable, fountains and water jets, a waterfall and stream.

The park is also the home of the Torre Soberana, a 14th-century country house, which was restored and redecorated in the Arabesque style in the 19th century. The park takes its name from the maze, created from pollarded cypress trees, and is a meeting place where people of all ages, who visit this charming spot at the foot of the Collserola Ridge, can enjoy their leisure time.

The main highlight for families:
Who doesn't love the excitement of getting lost in a maze? The one in the Parc del Laberint is the ideal place to play hide and seek and see who can get to the middle first and find the statue of Eros. The park also has a green area with picnic tables and a children's play area right by the entrance.

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