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  • Parc de la Pegaso

  • Parc de la Pegaso

Parc de la Pegaso

The Parc de la Pegaso is a well-balanced combination of open spaces and wooded shady areas, and a magical place where some of the plants grow wild. A canal winds through the middle which is spanned by a number of bridges. The entire park is accessible.

It takes its name from the old Pegaso truck factory that once stood on the site. The original factory gates have been preserved and are now the main entrance to the park. The Parc de la Pegaso was designed by the architects Enric Batlle and Joan Roig and built in 1986. It is home to a wide variety of plants and trees. The backs of the long row of brick benches are clad in ivy and a big lake divides the park into two areas: a large esplanade with plane trees that lend shade and a series of hillocks. The canal cuts across the park diagonally.

The main highlight for families:
The big attraction for kids is a giant metal octopus with its head made of ropes and walkways and tentacles which double up as dizzying slides. There are also soft-play areas with musical instruments that are activated when you walk or jump, a small trampoline, nest swings and walkways. It's the perfect place for the kids to burn off their energy!

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