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  • Christmas lights switchon in Barcelona

    Christmas lights switchon in Barcelona

    Although Christmas will certainly be different this year, you'll still be able to enjoy some of the magic of the festive season with the Christmas lights. When the city's streets and squares are lit up with Christmassy motifs, we feel that Christmas is here. This year's Christmas lights switch-on will take place in the Plaça Comercial (El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria) on 26th November at 6pm. The event will be opened by the prestigious choreographer and dancer Sol Picó, who will be presenting her show "Convinal". This year, new Christmas lights will be making their debut, including those around Plaça Catalunya and Carrer Balmes. The lights will be on until midnight on 6th January and, even if you have to wear a face covering, a stroll through Barcelona at sunset during this season will still have a special charm. The façades of some of the city's landmark buildings will also be lit up.

  • The Three Kings' toy factory

    The Three Kings' toy factory

    Can you imagine seeing Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar doing what they do best? Well, this year, their majesties are inviting you to their toy factory so you can see the elves working on the production line and hand them your letter. The kings have also upped the safety measures to ensure your visit complies with all the Covid-19 regulations. Don't hesitate to make the most of the opportunity to see one of the most magical factories in the world.

  • Barcelona Christmas Tour

    Barcelona Christmas Tour

    This year, the streets may not be as full as they have been in previous years, but Barcelona will be just as full of the Christmas spirit and the lights will shine just as brightly. There's no better way to enjoy them than on the Barcelona Christmas Tour, a completely safe route with all the health and safety measures in place that you must book in advance. The tour lasts an hour and a half and shows you the city's iconic streets and buildings, decked out for Christmas, with a live commentary that will reveal interesting and unknown aspects of the city.

  • Christmas in the boroughs

    Christmas in the boroughs

    Barcelona's different boroughs are getting ready to bring Christmas to all the local residents. Although we are living in exceptional times, Barcelona still wants to celebrate Christmas and this is why the different boroughs will be putting on activities and entertainments for the locals with all the health and safety measures in place. The organisation in charge of the city's shops, restaurants and bars has lined up some great things to do in the shopping districts in each borough with five temporary venues with limited capacity where you can enjoy activities such as dance, puppet shows, plays, concerts and much more besides. There will also be a series of jazz concerts on a Christmas theme in the streets, retail areas, squares and markets. Look for that magical gift in your borough and enjoy Christmas close to home.

  • Christmas tió at Sant Antoni Market

    Christmas tió at Sant Antoni Market

    The appearance of the giant Christmas logs with a smiley face, known as "tiós", in the streets of Barcelona is one of the children's most eagerly awaited traditions. This year, a really special interactive one has been installed in the basement atrium of the Sant Antoni Market. When the kids sing in its ear a series of Nativity scenes are revealed behind the atrium wall. A modern and different "tió" but with all the traditional magic.

  • Poble Nou Urban Creative Market

    The Poble Nou neighbourhood is constantly reinventing itself and has transformed its industrial past into a cultural and creative present that has made it one of the most dynamic places in the city. To fill the streets with hope and light after these difficult months, the Poble Nou community will be holding a creative market from 17th to 20th December. You'll be able to enjoy the latest in design, illustrations, light installations, food and much more for 12 hours a day.

  • Santa Eulàlia Festival

    Santa Eulàlia Festival

    The origins of the Fiestas of Santa Eulàlia are rooted in the legend of Barcelona's second patron saint and are a focal point for the city's main winter celebrations. The festivity take place the 12th February over a weekend full of activities rooted in popular culture and traditions, with a children's audience very much in mind: giants, the correfoc (groups of 'demons' letting off fireworks in the streets), human tower builders and also folkloric dance groups, the 'colles bastoneres'.

  • La Ribera

    La Ribera

    La Ribera neighbourhood is a must for anyone taking a walk through Barcelona. Whether you get there from the Via Laietana or the Arc de Triomf, as you explore the maze of narrow streets in this neighbourhood where merchants, artisans and guilds once, you’ll discover the city of design, leisure and fashion.

  • Barri Gòtic

    Barri Gòtic

    A stroll through Barcelona's Gothic Quarter brings to light the early Roman city of Barcino and the medieval town with its palazzos, mansions and Gothic churches. This is the style that defines "the heart of Barcelona": a neighbourhood where the splendour of the historic past coexists with the vibrancy of the present.

  • La Rambla

    La Rambla

    Barcelona wouldn't be Barcelona without the Rambla. A wander up and down this famous boulevard is a ritual well worth observing. Just soak up the atmosphere and admire the buildings, from the Canaletes fountain to the Columbus Monument, which connect the old and modern city with places like Liceu and Boqueria. A walk through the life and history of the city.

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