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Parc del Clot

This park is one of the "green lungs" in the district of Sant Martí and is located in the centre of the Clot district. It was laid out in the 1980s on land occupied by factories and workshops, and is used by the local community, incorporating architectural elements from the past in a modern setting.

The Parc del Clot covers an area of 3.5 hectares, and stands on a site between the district council building and the market. High bridges connect both sides of the park enabling pedestrians to get from one part of the district to another. As you cross the bridges you'll see several elements which bear witness to the mechanics' workshops which once stood on this site: the chimney, arches and walls which were incorporated into the Clot's new green area in 1986, the year the park opened. The remnants of factories are the linking motifs throughout the park and have become architectural elements that blend perfectly with the surroundings. The stone arches that were once part of the façade of the old railway workshops, RENFE, survive intact. They have been turned into a narrow aqueduct which stands 25 metres high with cascades of water flowing down from the channel at the top.

The abundant Mediterranean vegetation includes pines, poplars, palm trees and holm oaks, and in the centre a hillock provides views of the entire zone of Sant Martí. The park also includes a square with a football pitch, a basketball court, and stands for spectators. In the middle there is an irregularly shaped pond with goldfish, and a children's play area.

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