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Rambla del Poblenou

This street is the hub of the Poblenou's cultural, social and retail life. As you walk along it, you'll be able to explore this former industrial area and see modernity blend with tradition and the community life that have defined Poblenou over the years.

Originally named the Passeig del Triomf, the locals have called this street the Rambla de Poblenou from the very beginning, and it officially adopted this name in 1986. This is a typical Barcelona rambla, stretching elegantly from the sea to the mountains, structured in rectangular and circular forms. Its origins date back to 1853, when the Cerdà Plan was laid out, around an industrial Poblenou which was starting to grow in the centre of the Sant Martí district. The Rambla gave locals an ideal place for a stroll where they could socialise.

It still fulfils the same functions today, and is lined with shops, bars and restaurants with a past closely associated with the social life of Poblenou. Next to extremely beautiful modernista buildings, with their stunning decorations, you'll come across the age-old shops and bars, as well as institutions, such as the Casino de l'Aliança, which has been the focus of the neighbourhood's social and cultural life since the end of the 19th century. A number of sculptures enrich this colourful, friendly avenue, such as the one at the top, at the junction of Carrer Pere IV, dedicated to Doctor Josep Trueta.

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