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Sant Martí

The district of Sant Martí stretches from the lower part of the old town, Ciutat Vella, and the Eixample, to the river Besós and showcases the most recent transformation of the city and its seafront. The regeneration of the former industrial area of Poblenou as the new technology district, 22@, the reclaimed city's beaches, and the completion of the section of the Avinguda Diagonal by the sea, are just some of the town-planning interventions that define modern Barcelona.

The district of Sant Martí summarises the past and the future of Barcelona: the city's agricultural and industrial past and the future which looks to modernity with the transformation of neighbourhoods, reclaimed beaches and major projects of contemporary architecture. This area brings together highly interesting architectural and historical landmarks that also tell us about the past and the future, such as the former factories that have been converted into cultural facilities and modern buildings, and those in the waterfront area, the Forum, and 22@.

As you walk through the neighbourhoods, you'll see how Barcelona's industrial past has left its imprint and is enjoying a surprising modernity that blends in harmoniously with new parks and green areas, such as the Parc del Clot and the Parc del Centre del Poblenou, which was designed by Jean Nouvel, or splendid beaches reclaimed for the city for the 1992 Olympic Games, such as the ones at the Olympic Village.

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