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  • Festival REC.0 Experimental Stores

    Festival REC.0 Experimental Stores

    The latest edition of Rec.0 Experimental Stores takes place in the old industrial district of Rec in Igualada, just 40 minutes from Barcelona. This fashion festival, which transforms one-time textile factories into pop-up fashion stores, sees leading labels and designers hold special sales of stocks at seriously low prices.

    Festival Rec.018 Experimental Stores combines major international brands with some of the best in Catalan fashion. Over 80 labels take part including: Levi's, Adidas, Mango, Sita Murt, Pepe Jeans, Kickers, Lacoste, Ikks, Nice Things, Camper and Castañer, as well as Catalan designers and labels, like Miriam Ponsa, Josep Abril, Txell Miras, Who, Susi Sweet Dress, Carlota Oms and Dorotea. Children's clothing labels also participate, such as Tiny Cottons, yporqué, Bean's Barcelona, Boboli, Piu et Nau and many more. Rec.0 isn't just about fashion, though. At Rec Street Food, visitors can visit around 40 food trucks and pop-up bars, and there's also the chance to enjoy a range of concerts, recitals, dance, video screenings, performed on the festival's three stages.

  • Mercat de Mercats

    Mercat de Mercats

    This 'market of markets' has become an unmissable event on Barcelona's calendar for lovers of good food and drink, featuring three days of the best that the city's many fresh food markets have to offer.

    Anyone who's been in Barcelona for more than about a day knows full well that its food markets (of which there are an impressive 39), are a joy to behold. From the smallest neighbourhood establishments to the world-famous Boqueria, the products on sale are varied, colourful and endlessly enticing. Fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, eggs of all sizes, pre-cooked legumes, dried fruits… and all served by really knowledgeable stallholders.

    Visit the Mercat de Mercats in front of the Cathedral to try tapas, buy fresh, healthy food, and see some of the best chefs in the city and from around Catalonia show off their know-how and the traditions of local cooking. If you're so inclined, there are also wine, cava, vermouth, coffee and even olive oil tastings, among numerous other such activities.

  • Customs


    Prices and long hours to shop and eat… and to work! Get an insight into the routine and the way people live in Barcelona.

  • Two days in Barcelona

    Two days in Barcelona

    Get ready for two days of intensive sightseeing which will be full of surprises. Here's an itinerary designed to help you pack as much as possible into 48 hours in the city.

  • Retail areas

    Retail areas

  • Shopping Centers and Department Stores

    Shopping Centers and Department Stores

  • Barcelona Original Shop

    Barcelona Original Shop

  • Passeig de Sant Joan and its surrounding area: where the locals love to hang out

    Passeig de Sant Joan and its surrounding area: where the locals love to hang out

    Passeig de Sant Joan doesn't just link two of the city's coolest neighbourhoods, it has recently become the go-to place for Barcelona locals. The stretch between Carrer València and Carrer Casp and the surrounding area has been newly laid out making it ideal for cyclists and pedestrians. It has become a hotspot with interesting bars and restaurants, delightful shops and places that will simply amaze you.

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