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    Church of Sant Andreu del Palomar

    The church in the Plaça d'Orfila in the Sant Andreu district stands on the site of a 10th- century Romanesque church.

    Building work to extend the old church of Sant Andreu del Palomar of took place in 1881, resulting in a neo-Gothic building that symbolizes the history of the neighbourhood and Barcelona.

    On 8th June 1640, at a time of great social unrest in Catalonia, a group of peasants left the old church of Sant Andreu del Palomar, an event that triggered the uprising on Corpus Christi day, known as the Corpus de Sang, and the War of the Reapers, a conflict to secede from the Spanish monarchy. The Romanesque church, which was dedicated to Saint Andrew in the 10th century, has borne witness to centuries of history of this old village, which was once separate from the city. Finally, in 1881, the new neo-Gothic church was completed and decorated inside with frescoes depicting the life of Saint Andrew.

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