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  • Mercat de Sant Andreu. Barcelona

Sant Andreu Market

This small but charming local market stands in the centre of the beautiful porticoed square, the Plaça del Mercadal in the Sant Andreu district. Its origins, like so many other markets, can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century, a period when hawking in Barcelona was regulated with the building of covered markets.

In the past, farmers and hawkers congregated on the Plaça del Mercadal to sell their wares. Sant Andreu Market was designed in 1850 in order to provide them with permanent premises, and a suitable place with the correct lighting conditions and ventilation to sell foodstuffs. The metal roof and exposed brick walls were built in 1914. If you go inside, you'll find a market that is modest in size where you can buy almost anything. Above all, you'll be struck by the family atmosphere which resembles a village market in olden times, and the approachable, affable stallholders and shoppers.

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