Sarrià Market

Sarrià Market has become a modern, spacious showcase for food which reopened in 2007 after a complete refit. It still retains the original structure of the market founded over 100 years ago which supplied the local community with food throughout the last century and continues to do so today.

The origins of the market, which is located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, can be traced back to 1900, although the current premises date from 1910, when the Passeig Reina Elisenda was built, cutting off the church of Sant Vicenç from its parish allotments. The new market, which was essential for the prosperous and growing population of the village of Sarrià, occupied the allotment site. Nowadays, this attractive, rectangular, brick building can still be seen from the Plaça de Sarrià. The market was designed by the architects Arnau Calvet and Marcel·lí Coquillat, and, despite being renovated in 1967, it had to close again for a complete refit, reopening in 2007.

The main façade is pyramid shaped, and retains the original decorative elements, which include seven pillars on the top, and 22 large windows that allow natural light into the building. Inside, modern design adapts perfectly to the spacious, original structure of the market, which covers a surface area of almost 2,200 m2. There is plenty of room for all kinds of stalls, and some of them even prepare dishes and offer product tastings in situ. A market which encapsulates the essence of one of the most affluent neighbourhoods with a great quality of life.

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