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Torre Bellesguard and viaduct

The Torre Bellesguard stands at the foot of the Collserola Ridge, on a site which boasts magnificent views of Barcelona. The building's medieval past inspired Gaudí when he designed this innovative, but essentially neo-Gothic house, which has a curious viaduct next to it.

The Torre Bellesguard was designed and built by Gaudí between 1900 and 1909 in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district. It stands on the site of a castle built by King Martin the Humane, a member of the Catalan royal dynasty who adopted it as his home in 1409. This medieval past served as inspiration for Gaudí in his design for the new Bellesguard, a name which refers to the beautiful views –bell esguard – over Barcelona. The house evokes medieval times, resembling a castle from the outside, with towers and battlements, although Gaudí's imprint is visible. The height of the building is enhanced by the conical turret, topped by a four-armed cross which is so characteristic of Gaudí's work. The house was built with stone and brick, decorated with magnificent mosaics and wrought-iron details.

The house is private property and surrounded by gardens. Nearby, in Carrer Bellesguard, is the viaduct designed by Gaudí as a containing wall. The stone arches and sloping angle remind us of the Park Güell, and bear Gaudí's unmistakeable imprint.

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