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Give the gift of Barcelona

There's no denying that Christmas is a magical time of the year made for giving gifts and sharing special moments with our loved ones. With its welcoming atmosphere, Barcelona is the perfect setting to enjoy all the magic of the season. The city's streets and squares are transformed into dreamlike places, festooned with captivating, shimmering lights. As you explore, you'll come across shops, from the elegant boutiques on the prestigious Passeig de Gràcia to hidden gems in the Gràcia and Born neighbourhoods and the Gothic Quarter, which will entrance you with their windows that have been decorated for the occasion.
If you're looking for authentic gifts that capture the essence of Barcelona, or traditional items to decorate the table, there are shops that you simply can't afford to miss. Discover what makes each shop truly unique and enjoy the helpful, friendly service that will make you feel at home.


Käthe Wohlfart Barcelona

Barcelona's biggest Christmas shop, Käthe Wohlfart, looks like a film set with different areas that recreate Christmas scenes from around the world. It's an absolute must if you're looking for decorations for your home. You'll find everything, from baubles for the Christmas tree to those special items to lend your home that festive touch.
At, you can learn about Catalan culture, history and creativity in an original, fun way. Discover its unique collection of curious pooping figures, caganers. You'll find the classics as well as personalities from the world of politics, sport, art and film.


Moco Museum Barcelona

Our museum shops are true concept stores. At Moco Store, you'll find all kinds of objects inspired by art and design as well as stationery, ceramics, fashions and accessories featuring famous works of art. Take a piece of Barcelona art home with you!
Our bookshops are also great places to find a memento of your stay in the city: from books set in the streets of Barcelona to editions that portray the city's treasures. You'll find them at the many bookshops around the city, some of them founded over one hundred years ago, and new ones, like Ona Llibres, which specialise in different themes and are housed in beautiful, historic buildings, or bookshops with cafés, including La Central and Espai Quera, where you can sample dishes made with local produce.

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Tass Joies Barcelona

If you're looking for a family-run jewellers, where you'll find unique pieces, Comaposada Joiers is the place to go. Its collections are inspired by museum art collections the art and architecture of the region, including Catalan art nouveau – modernisme – , cubism, and Romanesque and Gothic landmarks.
All the items of jewellery at Tass Joies are completely hand-crafted and produced at its workshop. You'll find versatile jewellery made from different materials and in different finishes. Unique pieces with their own distinctive personality that reflect the essence of the Mediterranean.
Espai Micra is a studio and shop that gives you a wonderful, first-hand insight into the creative process. Bespoke and one-off pieces and limited editions.
Lovers of traditional and cutting-edge design will find exclusive pieces of contemporary jewellery at Capdevila Joiers: a family-run firm that makes unique, hand-crafted jewellery.

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Ozz Barcelona

At Nino Álvarez you'll find a selection of leading menswear brands. Its Barcelona showroom is a wonderful example of elegance and good taste, with painstaking attention to lighting and creative window displays.
Camper has different stores around the city where you'll find a wide range of unique footwear to suit everyone. Founded in 1975, it showcases years of craftsmanship and a passion for creative shoes.
Lovers of leather bags and leather goods need look no further than Lisa Lempp. Her distinguished, functional and hard-wearing designs are produced sustainably and by hand.
Cutting-edge fashion comes to life at Ozz Barcelona through the talent of its emerging designers and local artists. A shop that is committed to the values of ecology, solidarity and fair trade.

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Botiga Cubiñá Barcelona

If you're passionate about design, Cubiñá is the place for you. It specialises in interior design and the production and distribution of furniture. Its showroom is housed in a landmark Catalan art nouveau, or modernista, building, the Casa Thomas, designed by Domènech i Montaner. A visit is a truly unforgettable experience.
Do you want to enjoy a genuine, socially conscious consumer experience? At Mundana, exclusivity focuses on uniqueness rather than trends. A haven for lovers of one-off items.
In the Gràcia neighbourhood, make sure you don't miss Hachazuela, an oasis of art and nature. Its sculptural pieces, hand-crafted by artisans, are truly unique. Staunch defenders of sustainability and locally sourced materials, they work with olive wood and alabaster to create absolute treasures.

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Xocolateria Barcelona

Our traditional Christmas meals always end with delicious turrón: a sweet treat made with almonds, honey and eggs that comes in lots of different varieties, including chocolate, coconut and burnt egg yolk. In Barcelona, you'll find many traditional shops, such as Mauri, La Campana, La Colmena and Torrons Vicens.
Queviures Múrria is a paradise for artisan cheeses, smoked fish and meats, cured sausages, caviar, olive oils, coffees, preserves, wines… You'll find all the essential ingredients for your table at this gourmet deli. It opened in 1898 and its Catalan art nouveau, or modernista, interior is truly photo-worthy. Múrria has also won countless prizes, including the Catalan government's National Award for Centennial Commercial Establishments.
If you want to delight your palate with gourmet Catalan foods, Gastronòmic Souvenirs Barcelona works with local producers to create delights that will leave you lost for words.

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Minimal Life Barcelona

Subtle, elegant, original, exclusive… a perfume is always a sign of distinction. Behind every fragrance lies a great deal of research and trips to exotic places that date back centuries. Regia is one of Barcelona's historic perfumeries. It was founded more than seventy-five years ago and is also home to the city's perfume museum, the Museu del Perfum, where you'll find five thousand pieces tracing the history of perfume from the Stone Age to the present day.
This Christmas, spending time pampering your body and soul is essential. Minimal Life is firmly committed to sustainability, quality and social inclusion and offers a wide range of wellbeing products for all the family, including pets!


Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona

Are you looking for a memento that will last forever? If that's the case, there's no better place than Wonder Photo Shop. Here, you'll find instant cameras, accessories and you can also have your photos printed in different formats and sizes and on different surfaces.


Christmas shopping Barcelona

Sometimes, browsing hundreds of different options is the best way to find inspiration for that perfect gift. The department store, El Corte Inglés, was founded in Spain more than eighty years ago and has everything you could possibly want, even a deli section, the Club del Gurmet, where you'll find the finest foods available. And if you love designer labels and fashions, sport, cosmetics or homewares, heaven awaits just 40 km outside Barcelona: La Roca Village brings together leading Spanish and international brands in an outdoor space where you'll also find foods to suit all tastes.

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