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    Church of Sant Pacià

    In 1879, one of Antoni Gaudí's teachers, Joan Torras Guardiola, asked his young follower to work on the chapel of a convent school for the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary in Sant Andreu del Palomar, where he was a municipal architect, and which was a separate village from Barcelona at the time.

    Gaudí designed the marble and stoneware floor mosaics. They consist of floral and geometric motifs and also include the initials J and M: a clear reference to the religious congregation. The parish church of Sant Pacià suffered a fire during the Tragic Week, a popular, anti-clerical uprising that took place in Barcelona in 1909.

    Discover one of Gaudí's least-known interventions away from the usual tourist routes. A modest parish church with a well-kept artistic secret.

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