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  • Can Ricart and Can Felipa - Industrial Relics Trail

The former factories of Can Ricart and Can Felipa

Many of Barcelona's former factories have been refurbished for new purposes. Can Ricart and Can Felipa are superb examples of Poblenou's industrial heritage, which have been adapted for new uses more in line with the current times.

The former factory, Can Ricart is a historic landmark that bears witness to Barcelona's industrialisation. It was built between 1852 and 1855 and was one of the first factories in Catalonia to use a mechanised process to print on cotton.

Can Ricart covered an area equivalent to four blocks in the Eixample district. The following industrial buildings, which are examples of factory architecture, have been preserved: the central section, the tower and a building now used as an art space. They stand majestically in Poblenou, next to the redeveloped Pere IV district.

As you approach Can Felipa, on Carrer Pallars, you will be captivated by the beauty of the building with its mansard roof and high windows on the façade. It looks more like a Parisian housing block than a former textile mill dating from 1855.

Can Felipa currently houses the district's archive, the Arxiu Històric de Poblenou, a theatre in the attic space and a community centre, which runs a wide variety of multidisciplinary activities.

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