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  • Workation Barcelona- Move your desk, change your life

  • Workation Barcelona- Move your desk, change your life

  • Workation Barcelona- Move your desk, change your life

7 tips to become a digital nomad in Barcelona

Barcelona Workation brings you everything you'll need to become a digital nomad and work remotely from Barcelona. If you're a professional who can work remotely away from the place you usually live, and want to combine work and leisure, Barcelona, from the sea to the Pyrenees, is the destination for you. Work and live like a local, in an urban setting or in the heart of the countryside, thanks to our pick of accommodation and a wide range of cultural and recreational activities to fill your leisure time.

To make it easier for you, Spain has created a new type of visa with a residence permit that will allow you to live in the country for 1 year with the option to renew it for up to 5 more years. Discover the other tax benefits and how easy it will be to process paperwork and the visa.

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Move your desk, change your life… and work from Barcelona!

  • Workation Barcelona. Formalities

    1. Paperwork and legal procedures

    Do you have any questions about paperwork and the documents you'll need? Whether you're only planning on staying a short time or moving to Barcelona, this link contains all the practical information you'll need to take this step.
    Thanks to the recent approval of the start-up law: Law 28/2022, Barcelona is currently one of the best places in the world to start a business, work and invest.
    We make it easy!

  • Workation Barcelona. Lodgement

    2. Accommodation tailored to your needs

    We've brought together the perfect accommodation to enable you to work remotely in the city, in a more rural setting or near the coast. You'll also find rooms that have been fitted out for remote working, with special rates for long stays and with co-working spaces in the same building, just in case you don't feel like working near your bed.
    Get in touch with us and we'll help you with your booking. Welcome to Barcelona!

  • Workation Barcelona. Coworkings

    3. The best co-working spaces

    We enjoy socialising and being in a good atmosphere, both at home and during our leisure time. We've put together a list of the city's best co-working spaces that have been adapted to your needs. You can choose from the city's most stunning neighbourhoods, with sea views, up in the hills and even an art-nouveau building. The selection features the best deals and discounts to give you access to different co-working spaces.
    What are you waiting for? Click here and find the best co-working space for you!

  • Workation Barcelona. International Community

    4. An international community that will get you connected

    It's not all about work! Co-working communities not only create the best work environment but they also provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some down time after work. In Barcelona, more than a quarter of its residents were born abroad… and 180 different nationalities! live in the city! Barcelona is diverse, welcoming, open and inclusive, so you're bound to make friends for life.
    Connect with Barcelona's international community, take part in activities and be inspired.

  • Workation Barcelona. Move

    5. Get around sustainably

    Barcelona is a destination committed to responsible and sustainable tourism in every area. Not for nothing were we the first city in the world to obtain Biosphere certification!! Get around safely with a low impact on the environment on our excellent public transport network, using shared transport and eBikes.

  • Workation Barcelona. Health & Safety

    6. Safety and health

    Barcelona is a safe and healthy city, with an extensive network of public and private health centers and several specialized hospitals and clinics that offer quality medical services. We provide you listed medical centres and services, travel insurance companies and places where you can get a lateral flow and PCR test to ensure your visit is as safe as possible.

  • Barcelona is much more. Workation

    7. Enjoy the destination Barcelona, ​​discovering that Barcelona is much more

    In the area around Barcelona city you'll find a thousand different ways to enjoy a well-deserved break from your everyday routine. The beaches and fishing villages of the coastal areas; the vineyards and wineries of El Penedès, Alella and Pla de Bages; the mountains of El Berguedà, and the plains of Osona and L'Anoia. The sea and its beaches, art and cultural heritage, culinary delights featuring local products from both the land and the sea, the rich legacy of the industrial age and health-giving thermal springs... All this and much more is included in the three tourism brands of Barcelona and its regions: Costa Barcelona (Barcelona Coast), Paisatges Barcelona (Barcelona Landscapes) and Pirineus de Barcelona (Barcelona Pyrenees). Choose from the wide range of holiday-making options offered by the towns and cities of the regions of Barcelona to suit your tastes and you'll soon see that you have everything you need for the perfect getaway and also you'll discover that Barcelona is much more!