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Why Barcelona?

Can you picture it? Warm days by the sea. An al fresco lifestyle, happiness and smiles. Art, music, culture and creativity. Lunchtime tapas, a Michelin-starred dinner, a glass of wine or cava. Exclusive shops you can visit as you wander through thousands of years of history. Enjoying a complete rural experience just an hour away from the city. All this is within your grasp: living in Barcelona is a dream that is more accessible than you think. Barcelona and its surrounding area are among the world’s most attractive destinations. And now you won’t have to make do with just going there on holiday. If you’re a nomadic worker, we look forward to welcoming you!

Barcelona is at the cutting edge of technology and, in addition to being a fun and vibrant place to live, prides itself on being one of Europe’s leading smart cities. With its innovation district, 22@, and one of the largest open-access, free Wi-Fi networks in Europe, working here is easy and accessible. Not for nothing is Barcelona considered southern Europe’s 5G hub. And that’s not all! Away from the city, in the heart of the countryside, you’ll also have access to all these technological resources that will allow you to work at your own pace from your new home.

But people don’t just live by work alone, so we invite you to explore Barcelona’s parks, green spaces and buzzing streets on the city’s 200 bike lanes. You can cycle along the seafront promenade or as far as the green lungs of the Collserola Ridge and Mount Montjuïc. Both of them boast breathtaking views of the city at your feet. And that’s just for starters. Outside the city, charming seaside villages await along 100 km of coast. You can also enjoy iconic landscapes, such as the holy mountain of Montserrat and beautiful woodland and massifs, including Montseny Natural Park and the Pedraforca Ridge. Delightful villages that you’ll want to take photos of time and time again, vineyards dating back a thousand years, which are wine tourism hotspots, and protected natural areas that will amaze you.

Welcoming, open, committed, diverse, inclusive and global but with its original spirit, authenticity and traditions intact. That’s Barcelona in a nutshell… and you can bring your desk, be inspired, work and live here. We can’t wait to welcome you.

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