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Day itineraries

Barcelona has no limits, but the calendar does. Our day itineraries can be tailored to fit in with your schedule so that you can enjoy the city to the full. And don't worry: whether you only have time to see the essential sights, explore the city in greater depth or manage to take a trip out of town, you're bound to want to come back to Barcelona.

  • A day in Barcelona


    A day in Barcelona

    Capturing the essence of Barcelona in just one day is rather a tall order, but your efforts will be amply rewarded. Guaranteed!

  • Two days in Barcelona


    Two days in Barcelona

    Get ready for two days of intensive sightseeing which will be full of surprises. Here's an itinerary designed to help you pack as much as possible into 48 hours in the city.

  • Three days in Barcelona


    Three days in Barcelona

    You have got three days to enjoy the city. Here’s an alternative which will allow you to discover the most characteristic side of Barcelona. Get a Barcelona Card and prepare for three days of intensive… but memorable, sightseeing.

  • Four days in Barcelona


    Four days in Barcelona

    You can get a lot out of four days in Barcelona if you plan your visit carefully. Here are some suggestions which include the city’s main landmarks and even invite you to discover some of the areas outside Barcelona, so that you can really make the most of your trip.

  • Five days in Barcelona


    Five days in Barcelona

    Enjoy a Barcelona where tradition, modernism and innovation coexist. We invite you in five days to discover much more than history, architecture, gastronomy and local commerce. Get ready!

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