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Science trails

Did you know that Albert Einstein spent six days in Barcelona to present his theory of relativity? Or that the first photograph in Spain was taken in Barcelona and was a major event that received a lot of coverage in the papers? Find out more about Barcelona’s links with science and technology with our selection of city walking trails.

  • Barcelona's Industrial Relics Trail


    22@ Industrial Relics Trail

    The industrial revolution that took place in Catalonia in the 19th century and the boom in the textile industry led to the building of a large number of factories in the Poblenou district, which became known as the “Catalan Manchester” Step back in time on this trail which will introduce you to some of the industrial relics and their architecture and show you how they have reinvented themselves.

  • Women Scientists Trail


    Women Scientists Trail

    Discover the story of some of the outstanding women scientists who became part of the city's narrative in their own specialist areas, and the institutions and venues that played a key role in their careers. This science trail seeks to pay tribute to the amazing women who revolutionised the world of science.

  • Barcelona's Einstein Trail


    Einstein Trail

    This trail follows the footsteps of the scientist Albert Einstein from his arrival in the city on 22nd February 1923 until his departure six days later. His visit attracted huge interest and the time he spent in the city was a pivotal moment for science in Barcelona. Read more here about the places he visited.

  • The Barcelona Light Trail


    Barcelona's Light Trail

    Barcelona is a city of light buzzing with energy. This Light Trail brings you a great selection of places to see both day and night. Enjoy observing and studying the sun or discover the history of Spain's first electric power station and how it changed our lives. Are you going to sign up?

  • Barcelona Technology Trail


    22@Technology Trail

    The Barcelona 22@ district is home to tech companies which coexist with traditional neighbourhood shops. The district's new economic activity focuses on information and communication technology, medical technology, the media, energy and design. Discover the most outstanding buildings associated with science and technology on this trail.

  • Sustainable Buildings Trail


    22@ Sustainable Buildings Trail

    The historic district of Poblenou is home to some of the city's most iconic sustainable buildings. It is located in Barcelona's 22@ district and showcases some of the buildings designed with systems and materials that foster energy saving and reduce their environmental impact.

  • 22@ Innovation Trail


    22@ Innovation Trail

    The Barcelona 22@ district is a showcase for cutting-edge architecture, with wide streets equipped with state-of-the-art services, green spaces, training centres, tech companies and innovative and sustainable buildings. Discover the Barcelona that is committed to innovation.

  • Botanical trail through Barcelona's Parc de Montjuïc


    Botanical trail through Barcelona's Parc de Montjuïc

    Montjuïc hill has the largest concentration of gardens in the city. For more than a century, they have grown in number and showcase a wide variety of species. This makes Montjuïc, the ideal place to discover an amazing wealth of plants and trees. In its different areas, the Mediterranean flora and plants from the five continents, together with the favourable climate, guarantee that you will be treated to a dazzling display of every shade of green.

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