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  • Mercat de Mercats

    Mercat de Mercats

    The Mercat de Mercats has become the Gastronomy Festival par excellence, and this year it is celebrating its 10th edition. This major festival of food products and gastronomy, which takes place on the Avenida de la Catedral, is a unique event for enjoying talks, presentations, cooking shows and tastings by professionals and journalists in the world of gastronomy. These are three days in which to discover and enjoy local tapas and dishes prepared by chefs from some of the best restaurants in Catalonia. This year, Mercat de Mercats has the participation of special non-food markets, and consolidates the family space, a classroom aimed at families with children from 0 to 6 years.

  • Joaquim Capdevila. Jewelry 1959-2019

    Joaquim Capdevila. Jewelry 1959-2019

    The jewel as an artistic expression has enjoyed one of its most notable renovators in the jeweler Joaquim Capdevila. The Museu HUB del Disseny in Barcelona has put together a retrospective dedicated to his work in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of his career as a jeweler and goldsmith. This is a fantastic opportunity to view some of his unique pieces, which stand out for often dispensing with precious metals or for combining gold and silver with acrylic paint or Japanese lacquer.

  • La Ribera

    La Ribera

    La Ribera neighbourhood is a must for anyone taking a walk through Barcelona. Whether you get there from the Via Laietana or the Arc de Triomf, as you explore the maze of narrow streets in this neighbourhood where merchants, artisans and guilds once, you’ll discover the city of design, leisure and fashion.

  • Barcelona Shopping City

    Barcelona Shopping City

    Barcelona is a city that invites you to shop.

  • Retail areas

    Retail areas

    A blend of modern and classic shops which have been there for years; family-run businesses imbued with the Mediterranean spirit.

  • Happy Sant Jordi: a very special day seen through the eyes of the illustrator MAGOZ

    Happy Sant Jordi: a very special day seen through the eyes of the illustrator MAGOZ

    The rose and the book are the centrepieces of the image created by the illustrator Magoz for Sant Jordi 2019. This is a new Turisme de Barcelona initiative that will feature a guest artist from a different country every year. Discover the true meaning of this day through the eyes of the Catalan designer.

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