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Funeral Carriage Collection

The Collection of Hearses was created in 1970 and is formed by 19 original pieces: 13 horse-drawn hearses, 6 accompanying cars and 3 motor hearses. It is the only collection of hearses in Europe and represents a valuable artistic and cultural heritage to understand how our ancestors transported their deceased to the cemetery and how new habits regarding funerals were adapted between the mid-19th century and the 20th century.

The new exhibition area of the collection has taken on new technologies and web applications. Visitors are taken back to the neoclassic Barcelona of the mid-19th century as a result of complementary virtual information.

Through didactic material, classified in school cycles and designed from a pedagogical perspective to fit in with school education, we offer various activities which give a highly educational and overall view for pupils by an interactive promenade through the 6 areas of the exhibition of hearses. It is also possible to travel back in time through the 2000 books concerning funerals making it the largest library in Spain and the second largest in Europe. The books mainly centre on funeral rituals of a variety of civilizations, from Prehistoric times to today. There is also an important amount of information on Egyptology.

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