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Barcelona offers you a network of more than 240 km of cycle lanes, a large number of cycle parking spaces, as well as special signage, traffic lights, and other services. In addition to the cycle lanes, there are other thoroughfares you can cycle along: streets and zones where there is a 30 km speed limit, single-surface streets, pedestrianised areas and public parks. To ensure everyone's safety and good coexistence you must respect the road traffic regulations.

You can combine cycling with public transport. Check with the different operators to see the conditions and times:

Metro: | Autobús: | Tram: | FGC: | Rodalies: | Renfe:

You must park the bike at the specific docking stations, cycle parking spaces, or underground car parks.

To explore the city in an active and ecological way, you can book a guided tour or hire a bike from any of the following bike rental companies:

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