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  • 101 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

    101 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

    In 2022, the region will be hosting the 101 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya. This special edition will show how deeply rooted this sport is in our region. To mark the occasion, top riders from around the world will come and take part in the different stages in the four provinces of Catalonia. These will include mountain passes that are only suitable for top-level cyclists.

  • Viu Montjuïc el parc de la Cultura

    Viu Montjuïc el parc de la Cultura

    Montjuïc Park has prepared a very special weekend. October 16 and 17, the event "Viu Montjuïc, el parc de la cultura" (See Montjuïc: The Culture Park) offers a series of culture and leisure activities aimed at the entire family.Guided and dramatized tours, music, dance, theater and even areas to eat, drink and rest... Come discover and rediscover one of the most emblematic parks in Barcelona.

  • Getting around by bike

    Getting around by bike

    The bike is an original and different means of transport to discover the city. Barcelona has fully integrated cycle lanes and you can cycle through the city’s open spaces and parks. These conditions and the mild climate are ideal for this alternative means of transport. You can choose from organised routes or bicycle hire.

  • Sightseeing transport

    Sightseeing transport

  • Beaches


    Barcelona has ten accessible beaches, with Wi-Fi and excellent amenities and services inviting you to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea throughout the year.

  • Play sport at your leisure

    Play sport at your leisure

    Barcelona, a city for sports. On two or four wheels; with a stick, racquet or club, on horseback, in the water… whatever your sport, you'll find the right venue to suit you in this directory..

  • Velòdrom and Parc de Joan Brossa

    Velòdrom and Parc de Joan Brossa

    The city's main cycle-racing track, the Velòdrom d'Horta, was built in 1984 as the host venue for the Track Cycling World Championships and was awarded the FAD Architecture Prize the same year.

  • Carretera de les Aigües

    Carretera de les Aigües

    The Carretera de les Aigües is the perfect place for a bike ride or a walk while you enjoy views of Barcelona.

  • Mountain activities

    Mountain activities

  • Proposals from Barcelona

    Proposals from Barcelona

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