Centre Martorell d’Exposicions

The Centre Martorell d'Exposicions (Martorell Exhibition Center), formerly known as the Museu de Geologia (Museum of Geology) and located in Parc de la Ciutadella, enriches the cultural offer of the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (Museum of Natural Sciences). This refurbished space houses scientific exhibitions on topics with a strong social impact related both to the climate and biodiversity crisis and to the exploration of the current frontiers of knowledge.

The history of the Martorell Museum dates back to 1878, when the naturalist Francesc Martorell i Peña donated his valuable natural science and archaeology collections to the city, along with a generous financial contribution for the construction of a museum. This neoclassical building, inaugurated in 1882 and designed by architect Antoni Rovira i Trias, was Barcelona's first public museum. Over time, the collections grew and became more specialized, culminating in the museum becoming a leading institution in geology in 1924.

In 2010, the Museu de Geologia closed its doors to the public, but 2021 marked the beginning of a comprehensive restoration process. The project, while respecting its designation as a local landmark, has preserved the original layout and neoclassical architecture of the building, while including an additional entrance from Passeig Picasso, which seamlessly connects the Ciutadella Park with the Born district.

The restoration of this architectural jewel reaffirms the city's commitment to the preservation of its historical heritage, giving the public the opportunity to enjoy this renovated space and reasserting the scientific importance of Ciutadella Park in the cultural life of Barcelona.

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