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UNESCO destination

Barcelona and its environs are home to no less than nine UNESCO World Heritage landmarks. These singular buildings and complexes are the symbols of a unique culture and heritage that must be protected. Seven of them are by the architect Antoni Gaudí, and they all bear witness to the spectacular nature and cultural imprint left on Barcelona by Catalonia's home-grown art nouveau, modernisme. Check out the list.

Will you be able to visit them all?

Barcelona and Catalonia have a rich tradition of intangible heritage that has been awarded Intangible Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO. This accolade recognises those traditions and cultural, artistic and social manifestations, knowledge and skills that are examples of cultural diversity at a time of increasing globalisation. The Mediterranean diet, the Way of Saint James, the spectacular fire festival, the Fallas Fia Faia in Berguedà, the impressive human towers and the fire crackers and music at the Patum of Berga have all been declared UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. You simply have to experience them all!

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