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Celebrating popular festivals

Do you want to gain a first-hand insight into the essence of our region? Immerse yourself in our popular festivals! Spend the day with a human tower team, see them close up and enjoy the thrill of watching them work together to form a spectacular tower. A really satisfying experience you'll be delighted to have taken part in. Amaze yourself with the magical ritual of the Patum in Berga, a unique, energy-fuelled ancestral tradition that has been awarded Intangible Heritage status by UNESCO. Join in Barcelona's main festivals: La Mercè and Santa Eulàlia. They are joyous celebrations where people party in the streets, with lights, concerts, firework displays, wonderful moments to share and a really happy atmosphere. And if you love spring, you'll enjoy Corpus Christi in Sitges where the streets are decorated with carpets of flowers.

  • Festival of Light

    Barcelona's winter festival has its own Festival of Light for Santa Eulàlia. An entertainment that is the brainchild of the most creative minds and illuminates the city by playing with the power of light. Experience the night!

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  • Human tower displays

    Experience the combination of tension and happiness when you see the human towers up close. A unique and spectacular celebration that has been awarded Intangible World Heritage status. An unmissable spectacle that will really make an impact.

  • La Mercè Festival

    If you want to experience the essence of Barcelona, you can't miss out on La Mercè. Concerts, exhibitions, workshops… Feel the intensity of Barcelona's main festival and discover the city's most ebullient side.

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  • The Patum in Berga

    The Patum has to be experienced. Sheer passion and energy in a small square in Berga to mark Corpus Christi. It's absolute magic so make sure you don't miss it!

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