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Responsible tourism guidelines

1. Plan your stay. Look for official, up-to-date sources of information when planning your stay. There are also tourist information points around the city to advise you and help you decide what you want to visit.

2. Get to know our history, customs and traditions. Meet the locals and learn about a different culture.

3. Take care of, respect and admire our heritage. Respect the guidelines at each visitor attraction. Each one is unique and it is important to take care and avoid any negative impacts to ensure everyone can enjoy it.

4. Discover the city on foot, public transport and by bike. Barcelona has an integrated transport network with electric and hybrid vehicles to help you get around the city without using private transport. It also has more than 250km of cycle lanes so you can explore the city in an active way.

5. Barcelona takes care of you, so take care of it too. Enjoy a satisfactory visit in harmony with the local community. Please respect coexistence guidelines, the local residents, keep noise down to a minimum and protect public spaces.

6. Choose sustainable services. Barcelona is recognised as a responsible Biosphere destination. Choose tourism businesses and services that have obtained this certification and are committed to the responsible management of the environment, culture and social and economic returns.

7. Boost the economy. Visit the city's Unique Shops, where you can buy local, handmade, designer items with their own distinctive identity.

8. Discover local flavours. Experience and discover the most typical food of the area and try some of the locally sourced products that will reveal the city to you through your five senses.

9. Make good use of natural resources. Contribute to preserving natural spaces and the habitat. Water is a scarce resource, do not waste it.

10. Keep waste, single-use plastic and paper consumption to a minimum. Try to put your waste in the recycling bins in the street. Avoid single-use plastic: the water from the public drinking fountains in Barcelona is potable. If you have your own water bottle, you can fill it whenever you need to.

Be sustainable and inspire others by following our responsible and sustainable tourism tips.

You will find more information about Sustainable Barcelonahere.

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