• Australian tea tree. Botanical trail through Barcelona

  • Australian tea tree. Botanical trail through Barcelona

Montjuïc's healing tree

The Jardí d'Aclimatació de Montjuïc was built in 1930. Rather than being designed as a normal garden where people could contemplate nature, it was a place where people could study the growth of different exotic species, the way they adapted to the climate and their suitability for planting in Barcelona.

Some of these plants passed the test and we now see them in the streets of Barcelona. However, many of them have become the only surviving examples of their species in the city. Here you will find all kinds of weird and wonderful trees and plants, some of them the only ones of their kind in the city.

The Australian tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is a rare species that doesn't usually grow very tall, although the one here is a particularly large specimen. The tree is so named because its leaves release a tea-like colour when left in water. However, it is a toxic plant and must never be used to make infusions. The essential oil distilled from tea tree leaves and tender shoots is highly prized. It is one of the most widely used due to its therapeutic properties and can be traced back to the first Indigenous Australians. It is very effective in the treatment of skin conditions, and has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. It also helps treat acne, dry and excessively oily skins and a wide range of skin complaints.

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