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Worship and Religion. Masses in different languages

Founded more than two thousand years ago, Barcelona is a city that has welcomed different peoples and religions. A cradle of cultures that have enriched its architectural, ethnological and culinary heritage. A melting pot that gives us an understanding of the diverse beliefs that coexist there.

The right to religious freedom in recognised in article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Barcelona is aware of the variety of forms of worship and beliefs and provides information about them through the Religious Affairs Office (OAR). The OAR guarantees the right to religious freedom and diversity, and also helps set up spaces where different beliefs and the rest of the community can come together.

Although Christianity is the predominant religion in Barcelona, the other ones practised in the city bring a spiritual richness that is reflected in the variety of religious services.

Iconic churches, such as the Sagrada Família and Santa Maria del Mar, hold masses in different languages. And other churches in the city's different neighbourhoods also hold services in languages, including English, German, French, Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese and Filipino Tagalog.

Beliefs ranging from Buddhism and Hinduism to Islamism, Judaism and Sikhism, are well represented in the city and have very active communities who enrich Barcelona's religious life.

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