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INDRA offices

The multinational INDRA is considered one of the cutting-edge enterprises in the Information and Communication Technologies sector. Just to give you an idea of how important it is, a third of the world's air traffic is managed by countries using the systems developed by this company. It also develops the ticketing systems for the Barcelona and Madrid metro networks.

INDRA's corporate headquarters are located in the Barcelona 22@ district, where most of the city's sustainable buildings and technological innovation companies are located.

The structure of the INDRA office building is truly unique. The main tower is rhomboid shaped and rises up from a rectangular three-storey base, as if hanging in equilibrium. The building has 13 floors above ground, including the base section, and 2 floors below ground. The building is 52 metres high and has a minimum width of just 14 metres.

The upper section of the INDRA offices is covered in a wrap-around stainless steel mesh, which when combined with the shadow cast by the canopy, protects it from the sun. There is a large glass façade under this second skin. In addition to reducing the sun's rays, this mesh also acts as a decorative element with its raised and indented spheres replicating INDRA's corporate logo.

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