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  • Gas Natural building - Barcelona 22@ innovation district

Gas Natural

The Gas Natural building is an innovative project designed by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue. It opened in 2006 and if you love architecture with state-of-the-art technology you can't miss it.

The interplay of forms and volumes make it a particularly innovative building. If you walk around the perimeter, you'll notice that the complex isn't symmetrical and this is what makes it particularly distinctive. It consists of a tall glass tower that is straight on one side and rounded on the other.

Halfway up the building there is a spectacular cantilevered section. The third section of the complex consists of a four-storey annex resembling a cascade.

All the sections of the complex are covered in a glass skin that has been specially treated to guarantee energy saving. This reflective exterior means that the glass changes tone depending on the light, the place we view it from and even the weather conditions. We could say that this sustainable building is continually metamorphosing.

The Gas Natural skyscraper has become a distinctive part of the Barcelona skyline and is an example of state-of-the art architecture that has been integrated into the landscape. We invite you to visit this imposing skyscraper on the Innovation Trail 22@.

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