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Can Gili Vell

The former flour mill, La Fama, also known as Can Gili Vell, was one of the most important industrial buildings in the Poblenou district. It was built by Andreu Gili i Guardiola in the 1870s.

Can Gili Vell consisted of a grain mill, mill tower, chimney and a number of warehouses used for storing grain.

Originally the flour mill, La Fama was an enclosed space, set around a courtyard and surrounded by a wall. All its industrial buildings had pitched roofs and stuccoed brick walls. The tower was six stories high and the main building had five floors, including the ground. Can Gili Vell also had a brick industrial chimney.

At the end of the 2000s, the flour mill, La Fama was redeveloped and converted into an office and housing complex. The adjacent warehouses had to be demolished as part of the project to create an open space in the Plaça Mercè Sala. The project was designed by the architects Albert Blanch and Mercè Conca.

The only surviving elements of Can Gili Vell are the main industrial building, the tower and chimney. The grounds are closed to the public but you can see the complex from the outside.

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