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Einstein Trail

Barcelona's Einstein Trail follows the footsteps of Albert Einstein from his arrival in the city on 22nd February 1923 until he left six days later. His visit attracted huge interest and the time he spent in the city was a pivotal moment for the field of science in Barcelona.

At the time, the government, the Mancomunitat, or Commonwealth, of Catalonia was making great efforts to give fresh impetus to science in the region and bring it into line with the rest of Europe. In 1907, it set up the Institut d'Estudis Catalans to foster research. It also created the board of education, the Consell de Pedagogia, which was responsible for Catalonia's science and technology policies.

Esteve Terradas was a Catalan scientist who had heard Einstein's theories. He invited the German Nobel laureate in physics to visit Catalonia and he accepted in 1921. A year later, the two of them met in Berlin to work on the details of the course he would teach in Barcelona. Albert Einstein gave a series of lectures during his stay and earned 3,500 pesetas (around £20 pounds or $23).

On the Einstein Trail you'll discover some of the industrial buildings and Catalan art nouveau, or modernista, landmarks the scientist visited in Barcelona.