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Roser Nos Ronchera

Zoologist (Tortosa, 1924 – Barcelona, 2018).

Roser Nos Ronchera is a great example of a woman scientist who had to fight against the adversities of her day to further her professional career. She was born in a small town and the only career path open to her was to study to be a teacher. During the years after the Spanish Civil War, women played a submissive role within a patriarchal society, so she had to combine her family commitments with her true vocation. Eventually, she was able to realise her dream and graduated in natural sciences from Barcelona University, with first-class honours.

She started her working career as an intern at the Museu de Zoologia de Barcelona and was appointed its director, a post she held until she retired. She played a decisive role by bringing the museum to the attention of politicians and securing financial resources. She used them to renew the exhibits, expanded the team of researchers and opened it to the public in the Catalan art-nouveau, or modernista, building: the Castell dels Tres Dragons.

She also worked as a conservationist at the Parc Zoològic de Barcelona and carried out a thorough modernisation of its facilities. The aviary was a particularly valuable addition and was years ahead of its time. In the early 1970s, ethology wasn't accepted as a scientific discipline and Roser Nos contributed to its recognition.

Although Roser Nos isn't known for any major research projects, this Barcelona trail will show you that she was a very important woman in the field of science in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Without her, the museum and zoo in Barcelona wouldn't be what they are today. She was able to revitalise these Catalan zoological institutions and, as a result of her foresight and generosity, helped launch the scientific careers of many young people.

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