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TNC-Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

The TNC, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, is located in Barcelona's Eixample. It is housed in an imposing building in the shape of a Greek temple designed by Ricard Bofill. It comprises three theatres, seating 900, 400 and 300 people respectively, which combine performances of Catalan and Spanish plays and world classics, with contemporary dance and drama.

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) opened in Barcelona in 1996. The building was designed by Ricard Bofill and covers a surface area of 20,000m2. It has a pitched roof underpinned by 26 columns that are 12 metres high. The building complex is strongly reminiscent of the imposing splendour of a Greek temple, an impression accentuated by the white steps leading up to the main entrance in front of a grassy area planted with palm trees and olive bushes. This outdoor space, known as the Plaça de les Arts, is sometimes used as an open-air performance space.

Once inside the building, you can visit the spacious, air-conditioned foyer with its glass walls and interior plants which was designed as a covered public plaza. Escalators and a glass lift go up to the restaurant, which covers a floor space of 1,000m2 and is located right over the stalls in the main auditorium, the Sala Gran. This auditorium seats 900 people and is laid out in the style of a classical amphitheatre, ensuring maximum visibility from all seats. The TNC has two other performance spaces, the little theatre, or Sala Petita (300 seats), a versatile space that can be arranged in a variety of ways bringing the audience and actors into close contact, and the theatre workshop, the Sala Tallers (400 seats), in the adjacent building, which stages more experimental productions and works by new writers.

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