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Barcelona's dragons and roses

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In Barcelona, roses are so prolific that you might even be treading on one without even knowing it. We are, of course, talking about the iconic Barcelona paving tile, which is also known as the Barcelona Rose, and is a distinctive feature on many of the city's pavements. They are made with a mixture of cement, sand and water and have a four-petalled flower stamped in the centre. They have become a symbol of the Catalan capital.

The Parc de Cervantes, in the neighbourhood of Pedralbes, is a small open-air museum with an extensive and beautiful collection of roses. The park has a wonderful rose trail… featuring more than 10,000 roses in every shape and colour.

Many of the city's buildings decorate their façades with these elements and there are even different statues around the city depicting Saint George and the dragon. Barcelona is said to be the city with the most dragons in the world, so we invite you to find them as your explore its streets. To make it easier for you, here are a few clues, but you'll still need to pay close attention because some of them are elusive… and hard to spot!

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