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Sant Jordi 2021

The annual celebration of the feast of Sant Jordi, Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia, is an important date in Barcelona's traditional cultural calendar, replete with roses, books and lovers. International Book Day becomes a unique festival day brimming with tradition, authenticity and identity, honoring a curious popular tradition. If you want to know more about it, its origin and how to enjoy it, we invite you to read on. You will also find an interesting collection of illustrations of Sant Jordi, literary routes and the author's rose, virtual and for charity, to present as a loving gift!

  • Literary Barcelona


    Literary Barcelona

    Barcelona is home to many famous writers and the setting for thousands of novels. Let yourself be guided along itineraries and routes following some of the most acclaimed works in the history of literature.

  • Agenda de Sant Jordi


    Agenda de Sant Jordi

  • Images of Sant Jordi's Day


    Images of Sant Jordi's Day

    Download the collection of Sant Jordi illustrations that are produced each year by young artists around the world with links to Barcelona, as they graphically interpret this special day.

  • Gastronomic Sant Jordi


    Gastronomic Sant Jordi

    Sant Jordi is a very romantic day. We propose you different places to enjoy seductive dishes with your couple. Warm and romantic restaurants that will make Sant Jordi's meal an intimate and unforgettable experience. Celebrate your love with great pleasure!

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