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Breathing in fresh air

Can you picture yourself exploring twelve natural parks with wonderful plants and trees? You won't have to travel far to enjoy them. The Collserola Massif is just a short trip away from Barcelona and forms a natural green lung providing oxygen for the city. Find out about all the family activities on offer. And if you want more, you can explore the coastal forests. The Montegre i el Corredor Natural Park is home to lush pine forests, the remains of Iberian settlements, medieval dolmens… an adventure in the heart of nature. If you want to connect with the extraordinary biodiversity, the Montseny Natural Park awaits. This Biosphere Reserve is a mosaic of spectacular landscapes that will fill you with all the colours of nature. Breathe in the fresh air and renew yourself at the parks dotted across the region, from the sea to the Pyrenees! The power of nature will draw you in.

  • Collserola

    Workshops, activities, nature and fresh air in an area stretching for 8,295 hectares. A green lung on the edge of Barcelona. A trip away from the city that will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed!

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  • Montseny Natural Park

    A wealth of plants, trees and lots of fresh air. Montseny has been designated as a Biosphere Reserve and provides a huge dose of nature that always appeals.

  • Other natural parks

    Twelve parks with activities and spectacular areas you can enjoy at your own pace. Delve into the coastal woodland and let the high-mountain forests take your breath away.

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