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Rambla de Catalunya

This elegant boulevard is the natural continuation of Barcelona's Rambla, and is infected with the exuberance of the neighbouring Passeig de Gràcia. Whether you're heading towards the mountains or down to the sea, the kilometre-long Rambla Catalunya showcases a unique retail offering.

The Rambla Catalunya runs parallel to the chic Passeig de Gràcia and the busy Carrer Balmes. One either side of the boulevard, there are buildings with a plethora of modernista details. The Rambla grew up in the middle of the Eixample and was influenced by the elegance of the new Barcelona. It has always been a street crammed with shops, art galleries, theatres and cinemas, some of which have disappeared or been transformed with the passing of the years. In addition to two cinemas and traditional shops, you can find a wide retail offering in the form of leading fashion boutiques, destined to make a shopaholic's dreams come true. Select shops blend with more traditional outlets, tracing a shopping line that follows the layout of the street.

A kilometre-long boulevard in the shade of the linden trees that lend cooling shade to the central section of the avenue. Here the terraces offer pedestrians the chance to stop off along the way for refreshment. Josep Granyer's sculpture La girafa coqueta (The Coquettish Giraffe), at the top of the Rambla, and Meditació (Meditation), at the intersection with the Gran Via, embellish the street. This is a boulevard that doesn't need adornment because its beauty is unique.

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